Books To Base Your Life On

Books To Base Your Life On

It amazes me how I’ve heard so many people say “The last book I read was in college” or “The last book I read was in high school because it was for an assignment”. Books are a collection of people’s life experiences in a nutshell. It’s like having a one on one interview with the writer, which is extremely convenient if they aren’t alive anymore.

When I had started reading for myself, I noticed a lot of positive changes. I was able to see things more clearly, and became more effective in whatever I was reading. I can relate it to any craft. Every person wants to be great at their craft. But, the difference is the ones who are willing to put in the time and practice are always the ones that become the best. Once you see that practicing can make you better, and better, and better, you will start to enjoy it. Reading fits into that category. When you see the effects that reading has on your comprehension, your base knowledge, it becomes a “want” to read. It becomes like a muscle forcing its growth when you work it out.

I’m doing a reading project by Ryan Holiday called “Books to base your life on”, a collection of philosophy, fiction, and biographies of the greats and by the greats.

My first book for this project was The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. The book is broken down and comprised of the 48 most necessary laws that are required to be powerful. At first glance, this book is very controversial and immoral, and for good reason. It shows how the most powerful people throughout time were able to achieve what they did, by putting others down. But, with an open mind, this book presents itself as not only a way to obtain power, but to recognize it, and DEFEND from it.

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