Faith And Spirituality

Faith And Spirituality

I am a Christ follower. It sounds different than calling myself a Christian, or Catholic, Lutheran or any of the other denominations.

People love to group themselves in these different categories of religion, and there isn’t anything wrong with it unless it steers away from the main point.

Jesus died for you and me.

As a Christ follower, I have understood that I am a sinner. Whatever way we look at it, we all are. We all are born into this world of pain and suffering. That is a negative look on it, but it’s the truth. We live in an imperfect world, with broken people everywhere. And that is fine because we aren’t supposed to be perfect.

According to the law of Moses, we are dead in our sin. We all fall short of the glory of God if you believe there is a God. This is where Jesus comes in to save the day. There’s an analogy that I really like to express Jesus’s love for us. Imagine your whole life is a receipt like at a restaurant. Now imagine all the things you’ve messed up with, all the nasty things you’ve said, all the people you’ve hurt, all of the hate you’ve shown, and all the other flaws you have. Imagine that is all on one big bill. Now imagine someone coming by and saying, “Hey, I’m gonna take care of that bill for you because I love you”. To me, that hits home, because I know that my flaws are real and that I am dead to sin, and the only thing that can take that off my hands is Jesus, and He demonstrated that by dying for me and you.

So what the Bible says is that this is a gift. It is not something that is supposed to be earned. So all you have to do is accept that. That’s what many people don’t seem to grasp. How can I accept a gift without acknowledging who gave it to me? If someone accepts that Christ died for their sins, they are renewed in Him, and they are made new.

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