The Breakthrough Day

The Breakthrough Day

Today is the day I saw the breakthrough.

(For anyone reading that doesn’t know about Praxis, it is a 9 month apprenticeship by self motivated learners who also pair you up with a growing start-up company they feel fits you best. This opportunity starts in your third month at the program.)

One month in Praxis has gone by, I’ve already made my own website, started to develop my personal brand, created a pitch deck (the alternative to the resume), and have created some friends along the way. But, today was a great day and I’ll tell you why.

February 28, I get a message from my program advisor. “Check your email man, you’ve got an interview!”. My email wasn’t updating until I got to the computer and checked that I had already received my first interview with a business partner. It was very soon and not expected. My first month in the program was just finishing. After checking the email, I had scheduled a phone interview the next morning. The company is called Reliant Technology, a re-seller of data storage. Not knowing much about it didn’t matter to me, I went with the call. After the interview, I had become more intrigued about the company and its business to business selling. With a follow up video interview the next day, I had gotten an offer.

It was the most satisfying feeling in a long time when you see the email that says “(name of company) offer letter”. Without even thinking about it, I accepted.

I start at Reliant Technology on March 20th, located in Atlanta Georgia. Most participants start after 3 months in the program and here I was starting a month and a half in. That is why today is a good day. But, enough writing, I have to go pack!

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